…so can you. Really. 

"The Basic Step is Easy"

It's like doing the hokey pokey. First you put your left foot forward, step in place on your right, and then bring your left back to the center. 

Then you put your right foot back, step in place with your left foot, and bring your right foot back to center.

Just watch that dog over there on the right to see how it's done....(click the video)

"Just Because they LOOK Like Superstars Doesn't Mean they ARE Superstars"

See that cat on the right? It thinks it’s doing Salsa too but that music sounds an awful lot like Tango to me.

And trust me, it's not just the dogs and cats that are confused. So if you are a beginning dancer just starting out and everyone at the club looks so good...don't get discouraged...

...because sometimes it's just not what it seems. And that, my friends, is the dirty little secret of the Salsa Dancing Dogs (and cats).

"Yeah, it's Easy All Right - Easy for the Dogs"

What? You're saying that it’s not as easy as the dogs make it look? 

You know how it goes. Small dogs show off a lot. 

"Believe Me, The Dogs Don't have a Clue"

In fact, I’ll tell you a secret. That suave dog over there on the left? He's really dancing the Merengue…and it is a LOT easier than Salsa.

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