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No one wants to look like a Salsa club newbie, and as long as you dress in clothing that's casual, cool and comfortable -- well, and don’t tuck a big flower behind your ear -- you’re sure to look amazing.

What? A giant hibiscus is the focal point of your outfit and now you've got nothing? 

In that case, proceed to the list of dos and don’ts below; they've been crafted to guarantee your Salsalicious success.

Salsa Clothing DON'Ts:


1. DON'T Do "Salsa" Costumes

Unless you want to look like you’re starring in a ‘50s review at the Tropicana, stay away from anything labeled “Salsa” clothing because that perfect little “Salsa” dress is almost guaranteed to be red (good) and have a giant ruffle running from top to bottom (bad). 

Trust me on this one – unless you are performing on a Salsa team, you won’t get the kind of attention you’re after.


2. DON'T Forgo All Boundaries

You absolutely want to wear something cool and that means baring skin. And that’s perfectly fine.

 There is a line, however. Since the Salsa community is small, have some fun and show a little skin but do your reputation a favor and keep it rated PG.


3. DON'T Be A Sweat Ball, Gentlemen

Everyone sweats, and if a woman is drenched, it means she’s probably a good, highly sought-after dancer. For some reason though, sweaty men are a different story. 

Guys, if you tend to perspire profusely, don’t sit around in a soggy shirt all night. Be stealthy about hiding your sweaty suave by leaving a few “Salsa” shirts in the car -- all in the same color.

Salsa Clothing DOs:


1.  Do Stay Current

Many “club” clothes work well in the Salsa clubs but there is a certain “style” that is more prevalent in Latin clubs. For men, button-down shirts with jeans or slacks are the norm while for women, a cami or club top and skinny jeans will always look good. 

Dresses work too but it is harder to get that certain “look” right. The bright spot is that once you dance well, you can get away with wearing anything. 

2.  Do Stay Cool

Since the dance floor gets hot, crazy-sexy-cool is the name of the game, and overall, sleeveless tops and strappy dresses work best. 

Tip: If the thought of skirt-flying, bare-legged dancing brings on a bout of shyness, nude fishnets may be a good option. Not only do they breathe, they provide leg and tummy support, and, well, extra coverage of female bits too.

3. Do Stay Stable

While floor-sticking shoes slow down your turns, shoes that fly off are just embarrassing. That's why good Salsa dance shoes are a key to good Salsa dancing. While the suede-bottomed shoes designed for Salsa dancing are a dancer's favorites, they might not suit your fashion tastes. 

If that's the case, there are lots of platform shoes that will stay firmly on your foot. With a little shopping, you’re sure to find the perfect shoe that will allow both your outfit and your dancing to shine!

Before you hit the stores, take a look at Genovia Dance's Salsa Clothing or the other Salsa clothing sites below. Just remember to stay away from anything that screams “fruit headdress optional" and you'll be fine.
Happy Dancing!

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<![CDATA[Best Salsa Dance Songs]]>Thu, 24 Jan 2013 00:03:45 GMThttp://genoviadance.com/salsa-dancing-blog/best-salsa-dance-songsWhile you can decide for yourself whether these Salsa songs are truly the "best" ever, there's no denying that the ten songs below are some of the best-loved Salsa songs.  What more proof is needed other than the fact that the dance floor immediately fills up when any one of these songs are played in the clubs?

So if you're looking for some Salsa songs to warm up to before you hit the clubs, or to practice your latest pattern with, start here. Happy Dancing!
1.  Joe Arroyo - La Rebelion
2. Lalo Rodriguez - Devorame Otra Vez
3. Oscar D' Leon - Lloraras 
4. El Gran Combo - Brujeria
5. Tommy Olivencia - Trucutu
6.  Fruko y sus Tesos - El Preso
7.  Hector Lavoe - El Cantante
8. Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan
9.  Eddie Palmieri - Pa'l Monte
10. Rey Ruiz - No Me Acostumbro
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<![CDATA[The Dirty Little Secret of the Salsa Dancing Dogs                                                                                   -- If they can Salsa...]]>Fri, 18 Jan 2013 22:21:51 GMThttp://genoviadance.com/salsa-dancing-blog/the-dirty-little-secret-of-the-salsa-dancing-dogs-if-they-can-salsa

…so can you. Really. 

"The Basic Step is Easy"

It's like doing the hokey pokey. First you put your left foot forward, step in place on your right, and then bring your left back to the center. 

Then you put your right foot back, step in place with your left foot, and bring your right foot back to center.

Just watch that dog over there on the right to see how it's done....(click the video)

"Just Because they LOOK Like Superstars Doesn't Mean they ARE Superstars"

See that cat on the right? It thinks it’s doing Salsa too but that music sounds an awful lot like Tango to me.

And trust me, it's not just the dogs and cats that are confused. So if you are a beginning dancer just starting out and everyone at the club looks so good...don't get discouraged...

...because sometimes it's just not what it seems. And that, my friends, is the dirty little secret of the Salsa Dancing Dogs (and cats).

"Yeah, it's Easy All Right - Easy for the Dogs"

What? You're saying that it’s not as easy as the dogs make it look? 

You know how it goes. Small dogs show off a lot. 

"Believe Me, The Dogs Don't have a Clue"

In fact, I’ll tell you a secret. That suave dog over there on the left? He's really dancing the Merengue…and it is a LOT easier than Salsa.

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<![CDATA[Great Salsa Music For Beginners - Salsa Songs To Dance To]]>Wed, 09 Jan 2013 19:09:47 GMThttp://genoviadance.com/salsa-dancing-blog/great-salsa-music-for-beginners-salsa-songs-to-dance-toPicture
Elliott and I are often asked about salsa music for beginners – and it’s a good question since one of the hardest things for beginners to do (other than develop “Latin hips,” of course) is to find Salsa music beginners can practice to. To make matters worse, it’s even harder to find slow Salsa songs as dancers’ progress in skill level.

As well, many new Salsa students aren't Spanish speaking, which makes finding good Salsa music a challenging task. Hopefully, with the suggestions below you'll soon be feeling the Latin rhythms and executing the smooth movements with flair.

Suggestions for Salsa Music for Beginners

Our Salsa class song: Joe Arroyo’s "Yamulemau"

The song we use most in our Salsa classes is Joe Arroyo’s Yamulemau. Not only is it fun and upbeat, it’s one of the few songs no one seems to get tired of. Below you’ll find a good version of it, though we also like a version that is overlaid with counting because the counting helps our students stay on beat!

Another Fun Salsa Song for Beginners to Dance To – La 33’s “La Pantera Mambo”

If you have your basic steps down and are ready to start practicing patterns, you probably want to mix things up and try something new. Many people enjoy a Salsa song with familiar tune because it is easier to hear – especially for beginners. See if you recognize this one.

A Classic Salsa Song for Beginners to Dance To -- Cuco Valoy’s “Juliana”

This last song is a classic Salsa song that works well for beginners because of the slow, even tempo. You may have to listen to it a few times to hear the beat but this is common when first exposed to Salsa music. Keep listening and have faith that you will eventually hear it with time.

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<![CDATA[How to Get a Beautiful Woman to Like You - Learn to Dance Salsa]]>Mon, 07 Jan 2013 01:26:09 GMThttp://genoviadance.com/salsa-dancing-blog/how-to-get-a-beautiful-woman-to-like-you-learn-to-dance-salsaPicture
Every guy knows that women are impressed with skills.  In fact, demonstrating a great skill heightens a woman’s attraction for a man faster than new cologne or a sculpted bicep. But it isn't easy to demonstrate your cool guitar lick or your ability to whittle cats out of toothpicks in social settings. For that, you need to pull out the big guns: Salsa dancing.

You are probably thinking that not only will you make a fool of yourself, but that you’ll scare the women away to boot. While that could be true for some types of dancing, it isn't the case for Salsa dancing. Since there are rules, there is no mindless flailing around the dance floor.  Instead, you memorize set steps and patterns, and if you can count and move your feet, with enough practice you will be able to confidently move the sultry Salseras around the dance floor.

The Benefits of Learning Salsa Dancing

The women are happy to see you.  It doesn't matter how old, young, trim, fat, handsome or ugly you are, when you go to Salsa classes, the women are happy, yes, happy to dance with you. If you want to be appreciated, come to class.

Women outnumber men.  You aren't going to meet lots of women at a hockey game or the next brew fest. Commonsense says you need to go where the women outnumber men, such as beauty school, the medical profession or Salsa class. All things considered, Salsa class is probably the quickest way to get a woman into your arms voluntarily.

You don’t have to be that good. Lots of women will go to a Salsa club without knowing how to dance, so as long as you know the basic moves, you’ll look like a pro to them.

Practice equals instant popularity. Remember that very few men take the time to learn this magical skill. If you, however, are willing to put some effort into developing a smooth style, which is possible for any man, you will not only be popular, you will be sought after in any Salsa club.

The bottom-line is that Salsa dancing is a surefire way into a woman’s heart. Give it a try and stick with it. In time, you will decide it is one of the best things you ever did.

<![CDATA[3 Secrets to Salsa Dancing]]>Mon, 31 Dec 2012 00:32:21 GMThttp://genoviadance.com/salsa-dancing-blog/3-secrets-to-salsa-dancingPicture
Lots of people want to learn to dance Salsa, but let the dream go once they realize that learning to do it well involves work. Others, however, take one step on the dance floor and find out that, as true Salsa lovers say, they have Salsa “in their blood.” Having it “in your blood,” however, doesn’t necessarily mean you do it well. If you want to look great dancing with everyone on the dance floor fast, then you need to know the secrets.

1.  Practice the Basic Step until it is Second Nature

Salsa requires us to do two things at once – move both our feet and our arms. The problem is that our brains can only think about one thing at a time. As a result, it is normal to struggle until your basic footwork is automatic. Once it is, you can focus on the proper placement of your hands, arms and body. The key, of course, is doing the basic step over and over. Because advanced moves can happen in any direction, stability is important, and it’s best for women to practice in place with their body weight firmly over their feet.

2.  Keep your Upper Body Stiff and your Lower Body Loose

The biggest mistake both men and women alike make is loosely swinging their arms back and forth or side to side. While it feels good, and may even look good, loose arms make it virtually impossible to lead or follow. To dance well together, both the leader and follower must move as one unit and it just won’t happen with spaghetti arms.

3. Practice with Someone Who Knows How to Dance

One of the biggest reasons for slow progress is dancing with other beginners. While group classes are great for practice, generally speaking, neither partner knows what to do so it never feels quite right.

In contrast, when a woman follows well, she holds her body stiffly in the correct places. A leader feels this and quickly learns how to properly manipulate her. The same holds true for a follower. A good leader can instruct a follower to adjust her body position until she’s a dream to dance with.

Overall, proper technique is not difficult to learn, but it requires specific instruction. Once you master it, however, your dancing abilities will improve phenomenally.

<![CDATA[Learn To Dance Salsa -- A Beginner's Guide]]>Sun, 30 Dec 2012 00:52:03 GMThttp://genoviadance.com/salsa-dancing-blog/learn-to-dance-salsaPicture
Given how hard it is to meet people in the internet age, not to mention the popularity of Dancing with the Stars, it is no wonder that partner dancing is making a comeback. Not only is it social, but it is fun and provides great exercise as well.

For the new dancer wanting to learn to dance for the first time, Salsa is a great choice. The most popular of the partner dances, it is very welcoming to beginning dancers with plenty of resources available as well.

Most importantly, unlike most other dance styles, it is easy to find Salsa venues to practice your new skills. There is nothing worse than investing time and money on your quest to learn to dance only to be stuck dancing in a dance studio. With Salsa, once you are proficient, you'll be showing off your skills in one of the many Salsa clubs worldwide in no time.

What You Need to Know to Learn to Dance:

1. Free Salsa Classes at Salsa Clubs

Most Salsa clubs offer free Salsa dance classes for people who have never danced before, and taking a free class is a good way to experience the environment. Don't expect to learn to dance after one lesson, however. Like everything, it takes practice.

Many cities have a Salsa website with resources to help you learn to dance in your local area. If you can't locate one, contact a dance studio. They will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

2. Affordable Group Classes

While many people fall in love with Salsa at a free class in the Salsa club, when people are really ready to learn to dance, most take group studio classes. Steer clear of ballroom studios asking for a huge, upfront investment of time and money. Beginning group Salsa classes are normally "drop-in," meaning you show up whenever you want to, and cost less than $10 per class.

When you go to class, you don't have to worry about not knowing how to do the steps. Everyone will have little to no experience. As long as it is a "drop-in" class and not a progressive class, meaning the class builds on a move over a series of weeks, the class will start with the basic step. With a little practice, you'll have the basics down within a few weeks.

3. Private Classes

Some people don't want to learn with a group, and if that is the case, private classes are available as well. Anywhere between $50 and $80 per hour, they are significantly more expensive. The benefit, however, is that you won't acquire bad habits that you will have to unlearn later. Most students take private lessons at some point, and overall, the best way to learn is through a combination of private and group lessons.

4. No Partner Needed

Another big benefit of learning Salsa is that you don't need to bring a partner. Expect the ratios of men to women to be uneven, swinging in either direction on any given day. To combat this, partners rotate to ensure everyone practices.

5. What to Wear

Most people wear casual street clothes such as shorts, jeans or a casual dress. The key is to wear cool clothing since you'll be moving around a lot. Also, your shoes should have a leather or hard plastic bottom so you may turn easily on a hard surface. Sneakers stick and the gripping action may bother your knees. As you improve, you'll want to invest in dance shoes since the suede bottoms allow you to maneuver and execute turns with greater precision.

6. Salsa Steps

The steps in Salsa start with both feet together. Men follow the pattern below and begin by moving their left foot forward while women start with the second half and move backwards onto their right. This allows the couple to move together. With the holds, the basic step encompasses eight beats. There are many good videos on YouTube that will help you master this.

The pattern is as follows:

  • Step forward on your left foot
  • Step in place with your right foot
  • Bring your left foot back so your feet are together again
  • Hold one count
  • Step backwards on your right foot
  • Step in place with your left foot
  • Bring your right foot back so your feet are together again
  • Hold one count

Overall, when you want to learn to dance Salsa, the key is practice, and through a combination of classes and practice, you'll soon be a sought-after dance partner out on the dance floor.