Every guy knows that women are impressed with skills.  In fact, demonstrating a great skill heightens a woman’s attraction for a man faster than new cologne or a sculpted bicep. But it isn't easy to demonstrate your cool guitar lick or your ability to whittle cats out of toothpicks in social settings. For that, you need to pull out the big guns: Salsa dancing.

You are probably thinking that not only will you make a fool of yourself, but that you’ll scare the women away to boot. While that could be true for some types of dancing, it isn't the case for Salsa dancing. Since there are rules, there is no mindless flailing around the dance floor.  Instead, you memorize set steps and patterns, and if you can count and move your feet, with enough practice you will be able to confidently move the sultry Salseras around the dance floor.

The Benefits of Learning Salsa Dancing

The women are happy to see you.  It doesn't matter how old, young, trim, fat, handsome or ugly you are, when you go to Salsa classes, the women are happy, yes, happy to dance with you. If you want to be appreciated, come to class.

Women outnumber men.  You aren't going to meet lots of women at a hockey game or the next brew fest. Commonsense says you need to go where the women outnumber men, such as beauty school, the medical profession or Salsa class. All things considered, Salsa class is probably the quickest way to get a woman into your arms voluntarily.

You don’t have to be that good. Lots of women will go to a Salsa club without knowing how to dance, so as long as you know the basic moves, you’ll look like a pro to them.

Practice equals instant popularity. Remember that very few men take the time to learn this magical skill. If you, however, are willing to put some effort into developing a smooth style, which is possible for any man, you will not only be popular, you will be sought after in any Salsa club.

The bottom-line is that Salsa dancing is a surefire way into a woman’s heart. Give it a try and stick with it. In time, you will decide it is one of the best things you ever did.



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